Library Book Sale - Fall 2010 Edition!

So last year, I ventured into my local library's book sale and came away with a nice little stack of books. My birthday was this week, so I had some spending money, and my list was not nearly as organized, so this time I came away with a HUGE BAG full of books!

Here, in no particular order, is my list for this trip:

The Return of Rafe MacKade by Nora Roberts - the original 1995 Silhouette printing.. which is why I couldn't resist it.

Wild Child and The China Bride by Mary Jo Putney - I already own these, but I know people who haven't read them, so now I have copies to lend out and/or give away.

Thunder and Roses by Mary Jo Putney - don't think I own this one.. I still have boxes of books to unpack from my move, so I may.. but hey, another give away copy, eh?

To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn - adding to my Quinn collection!

Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas - to add to my keeper shelf, because I loved this book.

Seduce me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas - which I THOUGHT was the first book in the trilogy, and isn't, and I didn't get the third which was RIGHT THERE because I thought I couldn't find the second.. so I'm all kinds of confused now. Has anyone read this trilogy? Should I wait and start with the first book..?

Cutting Loose by Susan Andersen - I bought the second book in the Sisterhood Diaries series before knowing there was a first book, and now I have both of them! Yay!

Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan - this is a "lend out" copy because I have this book on my Kindle. And love it.

The Heart of Christmas with stories by Mary Balogh, Nicola Cornick and Courtney Milan - I am saving this one for my trip to London for Christmas.

When the Duke Returns and A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James - I'm not a huge fan of the Desperate Duchesses series, but I love Eloisa's writing enough that she automatically goes on the keeper shelf. What can I say, I'm loyal to a fault.

Uncommon Vows by Mary Jo Putney - I definitely know I don't have this one. :)

A Lady of Persuasion by Tessa Dare - my mom let me borrow her copies, and now I am starting my own Dare collection. Another author that automatically goes on my keeper shelf.

The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey - I love Lackey, and haven't read this one. We'll see!

Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon - if you haven't read this series, you need to. It's amazing. Epic fantasy FTW. This is replacing a copy I let a friend borrow that was never returned. I don't mind. :)

Four Complete Lord Peter Whimsey Novels by Dorothy Sayers - I owned no Whimsey novels but I LOVE THEM. At $1 for four, no way I could pass it up. :)

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell - it looks fascinating.

Once Upon a More Enlightened Time by James Finn Garner - you really have to read this in order to get it. Fairy Tales told from an extreme PC perspective. Hilarious!

Wicked French for the Traveler by Howard Tomb - I flipped through it and giggled all the way so it gets added to my coffee table books.

Me: Stories of My Life by Katherine Hepburn - my namesake. And now I own it. :)

*whew* Quite a list, eh? And I spent less than $15 for the lot! There are a few more, but they are presents and I'd hate to spoil the surprise. ;)

Anyone else love to dig through library book sales? I'm sure you do. My friends were there earlier than I was - when the sale first opened - and they said a bunch of people beelined for the romance. It made me smile. Have you ever had to fight for a good find?