Fortune Cookie Soap - Vivid

I recently got onto a bar soap kick when I realized I was sick of body wash, and that using a washcloth meant I got to make my own awesomely geeky ones (which last a lot longer than the poofs I've been using). I'd heard great things about Fortune Cookie Soap, and ordered some of their body butter (which they call Whipped Cream) in the fall. It was so amazing that I decided to do some matchy-matchy scents with my soap and body butter routine this Spring, so I picked out a couple of particularly fruity scents to try out. The first one I am trying out is Vivid.

SPARKLES! I might have been a little more than excited to see sparkles in my soap. I'd read that it was sparkly on the website, but seeing it is something totally different. Here is the website description:

Vivid is one of those scents you can't quite put your finger on … we made it that way on purpose! This fruity scent is jam-packed with peach smell paired with green apple – you want a cocktail? This little bar of soap will make you smell just like one and who can go wrong with that color? So come on – get a little vivid sparkle in your shower!

They're absolutely right. I find it very fruit-punch like. I adore it. And my shower always smells like it now. The soap lathers very nicely, and rinses cleanly. The sparkles are wonderful to look at on the soap, and they fortunately don't stick around on the skin. Why is that fortunate? Because I'm an actor, and sparkling onstage unintentionally is not cool, man.

I did get the matchy matchy whipped cream, called "That's what she said" (LOLOL):

From the website: Don't you just hate it when you use lotion on your hands and body and it leaves that oily residue behind? I certainly do! If I put lotion on my hands and go to open a door I can't because my hand keeps slipping on the knob! Agh! So that's why I created our line of whipped creams! It's so creamy and moisturizing, the skin just sucks it right up where there's nothing left behind to make you feel greasy! And since we're just nuts about Vivid we fragranced some with it too! You know you want to smell like fruit punch! 'Keep drinkin' the Kool-Aid.'

I already knew I liked their whipped creams. Check out this texture:

It feels like silk. Seriously. And they're right - it doesn't leave a greasy residue behind at all. A little goes a long way.

The price point on these, as far as handmade goods go, is really decent, and they often have sales. IN FACT, they are having a President's Day sale today, so if you happen to read this and head over to Fortune Cookie Soap, you can get 20% off today with the code PRESIDENT20.

Disclaimer: all items in this post were purchased by me. I am not being compensated for this review.