The power of song

I'm very aural - as in, music and sound trigger things in me to a larger extent than other sensory experience. So when I am working creatively - acting, crafting, writing, whatever - music is my trigger. And it amazes me every time just how powerful that can be. Not only words, but the notes. My BA is in Musical Theatre, so I have a ton of soundtracks. The lyrics aren't always the most clever - see The Scarlet Pimpernel. But there is nothing like "Where's the Girl" for a sexy song because of the way the chords move through my ear holes.

Lately, thanks to seeing a production of Tom Stoppard's Rock N Roll, I've been in a big classic rock mood. I've been revisiting Jethro Tull and Bruce Springsteen the most, but I got into a Derek and the Dominos mood today. The original "Layla" is one of my favorite songs of all time. Is it because of the clever lyrics? No. It's because that famous guitar riff touches something inside of me that instantly recognizes the raw pain that the songwriter felt when writing it.

And then you have the deadly combo moves. Like the man, Bruce Springsteen. Poetry in every sense of the word.

Whatever happens to me psycho-physically when I hear music is something I don't quite understand, but something I am eternally grateful for. Because the inspiration it gives me is a great gift.

What about you? Any favorite songs for inspiration? That every time you hear them tug at your soul and make you pay attention to your own humanity?