What to expect re: London

As you can clearly see, my grand plan to update while I was in London did not go entirely as planned. This is a good thing, however, because it shows just how busy I was flitting from place to place. Then I came home and decided to shirk responsibility for a while, seeing as I won't have a chance to do that again until after graduation. Here I am, back in action, ready to buckle down and get some of these updates going. I'm planning to do a post about the differences in London theatre and American theatre, which will hopefully spark some conversation or debate, as well as a general recap about the shows I saw in the UK, and a discussion about the differences in the way British actors and American actors treat Shakespeare. I didn't read much romance while over there (I was too busy writing frantically in my journal), so reviews will have to wait until I tackle the TBR pile that actually grew while I was away (who knew?). I did see a lot of stuff, so expect some general 'pretty things' about the sights and sounds of England, Scotland and Wales. You can also expect something that I definitely did not expect that is a little sappy, but wonderful, and gives me hope for the world.

Look for a post later today about my adventures getting into London itself . . .


SonomaLass said...
July 14, 2010 at 1:00 PM

Your TBR pile is going to grow some more when I send you stuff from RomCon. Not TOO much, though; I'm trying not to swamp you.

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