I often forget . . .

That this is a blog dedicated to more than just reading. I forget that I have a SLEW of hobbies, and that the purpose of this blog is to document my shifting obsessions. One of which is blogging. It's very meta.

New background! I thought I'd change it, since I'm no longer in London (sad) and it's no longer 2010. I'm afraid I have several half-thought out blog posts from London that aren't quite fleshed out. I may get to them. I want to get to them. But they just don't seem to be expressing themselves as well as I'd like.

Recently, I started a tumblr. Because I often have tiny things to post that don't warrant a full blog post, my Facebook friends get annoyed if I spam that page with links, and Twitter only has 140 characters. Just like I have an electronic device for every purpose, so do I have an internet home, hey?

The RWA RITAs are being announced. I've almost read half of the historical nominees, but only one of the regencies. This last year hasn't been the most excellent for my TBR pile.

My local Border's is closing. That makes me sad, but I will be trying out various other methods of getting my books. There is no romance-friendly local bookstore, though we do have a Barnes & Noble on the other side of town. I just don't really prefer B&N for my popular fiction needs. If it weren't for agency pricing, my Kindle would be a blessing at this point. But as it stands, on a grad student salary I have to wait until sales or coupons to buy books at all, so those agency priced books are usually a lost sale for me. On rare occasions will I pay full price.

That's all for now, but expect some catching up!


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