Review - Fool for Love by Eloisa James

Fool for Love Fool for Love by Eloisa James

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Another James that I will re-read, for sure!

The Woman

Lady Henrietta Maclellan longs for the romantic swirl of a London season. But as a rusticating country maiden, she has always kept her sensuous nature firmly under wraps -- until she meets Simon Darby. Simon makes her want to whisper promises late at night, exchange kisses on a balcony, receive illicit love notes. So Henrietta lets her imagination soar and writes...

The Letter

A very steamy love letter that becomes shockingly public. Everyone supposes that he has written it to her, but the truth hardly matters in the face of the scandal to come if they don't marry at once. But nothing has quite prepared Henrietta for the pure sensuality of...

The Man

Simon has vowed he will never turn himself into a fool over a woman. So, while debutantes swoon as he disdainfully strides past the lovely ladies of the ton, he ignores them all... until Henrietta. Could it be possible that he has been the foolish one all along?

Henrietta is a delightful heroine, despite the fact that she is ignorant about matters of making babies. Considering her particular circumstances, and the fact that she is naturally intelligent (helping prepare the school's lessons for the week, etc), I thought she would be the type to find out everything she could about makin' babies and having them, but she stuck to raising them. That was one thing that didn't quite click with me.

Despite all that, I thought Simon and Henrietta were delightful together. Simon is mysterious, full of mischief, and obviously admirable of Henrietta's intelligence. One of the many things I loved about this novel is it was about these two people finding their way to love - no super-sekrit plot, no ex jumping from the shadows. They were very sweet together, and together the two of them have to overcome Henrietta's fears about having children.

Their dialogue is quick and clever, and is the best kind of foreplay! Simon is obviously smitten with Henrietta's intelligent banter, and he never questions it. Henrietta enjoys making him react, and so is encouraged to speak her mind - something I definitely appreciate.

Because this one was so sweet, and I almost never felt any actual danger for either of them, it was an easy read and warmed me down to the tips of my toes. I will definitely re-read this one, especially when I need to connect to a couple that so obviously fits well together.

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