On Graduate school and literature

Several major things have happened to change my life in the last few months. First, I started my MFA Acting program. Good-bye free time! I am reading many plays and related texts for classes, which is a good thing, but I am still adjusting to my new schedule.

Second, I got a Kindle from my boy for my birthday this year! This has changed my life in several significant ways, not the least of which is spending much of my time on Feedbooks downloading all the classic literature I haven't read yet or haven't read in years. I can also carry my Shakespeare with me without lugging around a Complete Works.. oOOooooo..

These changes relate directly to my reading life, obviously. The books I am reading are not books I would have chosen to read on my days off, but it has opened me up to some new literature (mostly non-fiction) that I otherwise would not have explored. Good thing. I am reading less romance, sadly, not only because I just can't afford to buy new books and have been too lazy to go to the library and get a library card to check them out but also because I am reading so much other stuff that there just isn't enough time in the day!

I am considering joining Dewey's Read-a-Thon to help remind me to update here with all the delicious things I'm reading. Much of it is life-changing and awesome.


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