Handwarmer season!

For the sake of keeping track of everything in one place, I am adding my knitting/crochet rambles here.. because I don't really need two blogs, do I?

Here in the Midwest USA it is getting colder, which means hats and scarves are a MUST, but also, my favorite thing in the world to make - HANDWARMERS!

I thought I'd get started with something a little different. I've never cabled before, and I really want to tackle it. I have some stash yarn that I can't really figure anything out for, and some of it is wool - nice and warm and toasty! I also have two skeins of Caron Simply Soft laying around that I have been using for stitch practice and could be easily used to practice something like handwarmers. So here I am, in October, knitting up a storm in my oh-so-luxurious free time.

I am starting with Persephone Fingerless Mitts by Smariek Knits. Unfortunately, I have no fingering weight yarn in my stash, but I have used my Simply Soft on size 3 DPNs before with relative success. I had to adapt the pattern due to the different gauge, and it turned out pretty okay! I'm not going to say it's spectacular, but the point is to keep my hands warm and practice cabling. So I'd say it was a success. ;)

You can see there are a couple of mistakes - the adapted pattern in the cable didn't quite work early on, and there is a stitch I picked up backwards so I have a random purl in this column of knit stitches, but overall I really like the look. I finished the left one last night and will post a new picture when both are completed.

I'm hoping to make a hat this weekend too - my hat is lovely but not quite as warm as I'd like it to be. I have a pattern from TepperWear that is easy and fast that I will be using.

Freezing rain is supposed to come in a few weeks. I need to knit faster!


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